5 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

Smart homes are all the rage as the industry has grown massively, and according to experts, this is going to continue. In fact, the smart home market is expected to skyrocket to nearly $150 billion globally by 2025.

A smart home is generally more efficient and can help to simplify and optimize your life. It can help you easily control the lights, temperature, and security of your home, along with many others. It can also increase the value of your home and help to cut down your monthly bills in many cases.

While you might think that having or creating a smart home will take a ton of work and thousands of dollars, this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are several different things you yourself can do with relative ease that can make your home smarter.

Read on to learn about 5 different ways to turn your home into a smart home.

Add a Security System

The central smart home feature for many people is a security system. Many come with the cameras, screens and keypads that can integrate directly with other smart home products. A smart security system can let you remotely check on the cameras, wherever you go, and even control the system itself, on the go.

These automated systems can alert you (and the authorities) when things go wrong and can have numerous different sensors for moisture, smoke, carbon  monoxide and other potentially harmful things. Of course, be sure that you fully know how the security system works. Be sure to check out a lot of content online, such as this section-by-section article about some of the different modes of your system that you should be aware of.

Utilize a Smart Thermostat

Controlling the temperature in your home can be fickle. One minute it is too hot, and the next it is too cold. If you are adjusting everything manually, it can be very difficult to get the temperature exactly where you want it. Instead, why not install a smart thermostat that you can set to automatically adjust your temperature to the desired results?

Many of these thermostats can be controlled remotely, so you never have to move to make your home a comfortable temperature. These can also save you from having to run the air conditioner all day so your home is nice and cool when you get home from work. Some will even learn your schedule and preferences and be able to program the right temperature themselves.

Have Smart Locks on Your Doors

Despite how simple and important locking our doors is, there are still many Americans that don’t do it. Some don’t lock up because they don’t think they have to, while others might forget. If you are the forgetful type, you might want to invest in some smart locks for your doors. These let you remotely lock and unlock your doors, using nothing but your phone.

It can help you lock up if you forgot, or even unlock for a friend or family member that lost their keys. Many can also keep records of when the door was locked and unlocked, and some can even allow keyless entry and will simply unlock automatically once you get close with the phone or app opened. If you forget to lock your doors without smart lock capabilities, your home and all of its contents could be at risk.

Use Smart Lighting

Most of us are guilty of leaving our lights on when we leave our home at one time or another. Not only does this waste a lot of power and cost you money, but it can also be quite harmful for the environment. You will also have to replace your lights more often if they are constantly left on or forgotten about.

By using smart lighting, you can control your lights remotely to ensure they are always turned off when they need to be. This can often be done right from an app, no matter where you are. Many smart light solutions can also do things like dim or even adjust their color. Of course, you may need specific bulbs to take advantage of some of these features.

Get a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is another thing that can greatly improve the quality of your home and life. These virtual assistants live in the variety of different smart speakers like the Google Home or Amazon Echo. They are voice-controlled and can easily add items to a shopping list, search the internet or answer a question.

Of course, these speakers/virtual assistants can also do several other helpful things. They can play music, tell you the weather, give you the news and even play games with you. For the small price that these are available for, they are worth picking up for anyone who wants to improve the intelligence of their home.

In conclusion, we hope this article and the information inside are able to help you turn your house into a smart home.



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