Windows 7 is Here!

On the night before Windows 7, there were screams of rage in the house, as I accidentally deleted all my lossless audio…crap that doesn’t rhyme. But now the stockings were hung and a new partition was cleared. Windows 7 started to download and October 22nd wasn’t even here. The student/alumni pricing was a pretty good deal. I might even beat […]

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Using EventGhost to Integrate a 3rd Party App with Your Front End

EventGhost Logo

  Most people in the HTPC community have a preferred media center application that handles 80% to 90% of the capabilities desired. Unfortunately, integrating an outside application to add functionality to your main front end and get to 100% seamless integration is not always easy. This is where automation tools can help. Automation tools are a class of software applications […]

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CableCARD DIY Step-by-Step Install Guide by Engadget

For those that hate hunting around the web and piecing together how to do something yourself from eight different sources, EngadgetHD brings you the DIYers’ Guide To Installing CableCARD in your PC. They’ve done a great job of stepping through all the issues and providing all the information you need to go find yourself a tuner and get it up […]

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Simple Utility Makes Any PC OCUR Compliant

It didn’t take long before someone figured out what was going on with the Intel P5Q bios’s mentioned last week and put together a little utility that will make any PC bios OCUR compliant. Only issue right now seems that the utility will break the activation of any OEM PC, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the Do-It-Yourself crowd. […]

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Get Your Windows 7 RC Today

Microsoft is making Windows 7 RC available to the general public starting today. Just follow the link below to download. You will need a Windows Live ID to download it. Try it out and share what you think. Here’s what you need to run it: – Internet access (to download Windows 7 RC and get updates) – A PC with […]

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Sound & Vision Builds an HTPC

Sound & Vision gives it a go and builds their own HTPC. They target the Mac Mini as the platform to beat, which I’m not sure is really the right point of comparison due to the pain of adding lots of tuners to it. What do you guys think of their build?

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