Microsoft Offers Yet More Details on Windows Media Center and DVD Playback in Windows 8

WMC Down the Drain

Microsoft’s recent Building Windows 8 blog post regarding the availability of Windows Media Center in Windows 8 raised almost as many questions as it answered, particularly regarding the unexpected connection between WMC and DVD playback. To help sort through some of the questions that their blog post raised, the Windows 8 team has followed up with a FAQ that attempts to […]

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AnandTech Reviews ASRock’s Vision 3D 252B HTPC


If I’m honest I don’t really get these ASROCK’s NVIDIA + Intel HD Graphics SFF HTPCs because there really isn’t much that adding a dGPU nets you outside of slightly better gaming performance. That said, I am glad that ASROCK continues to develop new machines for this segment and that these systems are beginning to look a lot more like […]

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Yamaha Announces New High-End RX-V Series Receivers

Yamaha RX-V773WA

Yamaha has been slowly rolling out their 2012 RX-V series receivers over the last month or so. The latest additions to the line-up are the new RX-V673 and RX-V773WA, priced at $649.95 and $849.95 respectively. Both models will include 4K-Passthrough, Apple AirPlay support, a low power ECO Mode, and network support for DLNA and Internet streaming as well as app […]

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Microsoft Provides More Details on Windows Media Center in Windows 8

WMC Green Button

In a recent Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft announced the new product editions for Windows 8. For HTPC-enthusiasts, the announcement turned out to be a good news/bad news proposition. The good news was that Microsoft plans to streamline their offerings, reducing the number of product editions that they plan on offering for x86/x64 PCs to just Windows 8 and Windows […]

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