Take MediaPortal On The Road – iPiMP


iPhone is getting alot of love these days including a mobile app to navigate and control MediaPortal. This app does alot including view recordings, control and schedule recordings, plyabck music and other administrative fun :). Just be sure to have an unlimited plan availble Check out the discussion here: Donwload it here:      

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Windows 7 Media Center TV Strip

  The TV strip in Windows 7, while similar to Vista, did receive several tweaks that alter the appearance and functionality of viewing and recording TV. The major changes to your TV viewing experience will be the revamped details screen. This concept is applied throughout the program and allows for content specific interaction such as program info, actions and other […]

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Hauppauge 1600 & QAM With Windows 7


I was hoping to see QAM enabled by default when using a Hauppauge 1600 and W7MC, however this is not the case. The good news is that a couple of quick fixes will have you on your way. First up, apply this registry key that is linked here. After that, install the latest drivers from Hauppauge’s website and you are […]

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Plugin Status For WIndows 7

While setting up Windows 7, I am testing a few plugins that I have in my Vista production machine. Some are working out of the box and others are taking tweaks to function correctly and some are just downright refusing to work. Here is what I have tested so far: Movie Collectorz – Working great! vmcnetflix – Did not install […]

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Microsoft Loses the Online Content Fight

Chris L paints a pretty bleak Media Center picture by procaliming Microsoft has lost the online content fight. Simply said he is right. W7 has provided absolutely no new online content delivery and that is clearly the future. Hulu.com? Netflix? Amazon? anything? Chris L My advice to Microsoft, buy boxee and integrate it into Media Center, Xbox 360, and Zune. […]

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The Home Server Show 29 – CES 2009 Interviews

If you are interested in Windows Home Server, the Home Server show podcast is a good place to get started. Episode 29 features a quick interview with a WHS team member that had spilled a couple of juicy details about upcoming WHS releases. We can expect to have a minor release this year based on the existing WHS platform Beta’s […]

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Ceton Gets Official with Industry First MOCUR

Those who purchased a CableCard HTPC will be happy to know that Ceton will be shipping a Multi-channel TV card tuner later this year. Of course, this was no secret to begin with as their efforts have been known for sometime now. Do keep in mind that this is no tru2way enabled, you will need some sort of SDV adaopt […]

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