Building Windows 8 with Metro in Mind

Windows 8

Steven Sinofsky and the Windows development team recently launched their development blog, Building Windows 8. Every entry has proven to be interesting reading, but today’s entry touched on the new element that most interests me as an HTPC enthusiast: the new Metro-inspired Start screen. The tile-based Start screen is being designed to work with touch, mouse, or keyboard and immediately stood […]

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Windows 8 May Not License Dolby; Dolby Shares Tumbling


Dolby revealed today to investors that iterations of Windows 8 currently do not utilize Dolby technologies and they are preparing to support OEMs if licensing is not included in the commercial release of Windows 8. Currently, Dolby shares (DLB) are crashing down on the news. So what does this mean for home theater PC enthusiasts? If Dolby is not licensed, […]

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