Warpia StreamHD SWP120A


In the past year several companies have avoided the “media player” conversation instead opting to focus their efforts on wirelessly streaming their HDMI signal from their laptop directly to their HD televsisions. What Veebeam and Brite-View have done well, each with their own pros and cons, is now where Warpia is attempting to compete with their StreamHD SWP120A unit. Leveraging […]

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Diamond VStream Wireless HD Video Streamer

We’ve reviewed the Bit-Stream and Veebeam similar devices in the past, and it looks like this one from Diamond suffers from the same lag as the Veebeam, so that’s something to keep in mind if you were considering this for full-time usage. I’m actually in the process of converting my apartment and will be attempting to use one of these […]

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