Marchon3D EX3D Eyewear


When we stopped by the Marchon3D EX3D booth at CES I have to admit that my reaction was more skeptical than enthusiastic. Sure, their passive 3D eyewear worked, and at $35 a pair was not terrible, but it seemed like a hard sell to the theater-going crowd where the glasses have to compete with “free”. Now that I have had […]

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Samsung, RealD Partnership Falls Apart

Samsung and Reald

Samsung and RealD are splitsville. Samsung and RealD were showing off their RDZ technology at CES this year and officially announced a manufacturing partnership back in May. The idea behind RDZ or ZScreen was that that TV viewers could use passive glasses because the active shutter element would be built into the LCD screen itself, all without compromising 2D performance. […]

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