Review of Popbox 3D/ Comparision to Popbox V8

Popbox 3d

 For those of you in the market for a media player in addition to checking to checking out our Media Player Comparsion Guide should also check out this review of the Popbox 3D from In this hybrid review/comparison Damian over at takes an in depth look at the Popbox 3D highlighting many of the problems with the device […]

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Popbox V8 Reviewed at

First thing I thought when I saw this guy was “wow, that looks like a HD300” (then I was sad; SageTV RIP).  Given the similarities, and how much the PCH platform has evolved (and stabilized) over the last year it seems like it should be a solid device.  Check out Damian’s full review for the important details. About 1 month […]

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