Playstation 4 3D Blu-ray Update Now Available

Having picked up a Sony Playstation 4 recently, I was a bit disappointed to find that while it wouldn’t play 3D Blu-ray (something the PS3 could do). Sony fixed that issue, along with adding some enhancements to general disc playback. I had a chance to check it out briefly (updated and threw in The Lego Movie while heating up lunch) […]

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Netflix App hits PlayStation 3 in the UK

For those “across the pond” readers in the UK and France, the long awaited Netflix App for the PS3 has been released. The downside? Netflix service is still not available. No word on when the service will be available, however head over and get the update to get your PS3 ready for when it hits. Netflix still isn’t offering a firm […]

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Sony Finds Synergy with PlayStation Home and Crackle

Crackle on Home

Sony builds the PlayStation 3 which comes with PlayStation Home, the virtual hub where gamers can gather to play games, chat, and hang out while watching movies and listening to music. Sony also owns Crackle, a media streaming service that primarily serves up movies and TV shows produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Pictures Loot, the internal Sony group in […]

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