Confessions Of A Former Dell Sales Manager

Jenny sent in word about this helpful article about getting the best deal from Dell. You maybe able to put that to use once Dell offers CableCard systems. I had checked their XPS410 series and they are still only bundling Blu-ray only. Conumerist 2. Play with the web site – There are many different pricing packages for the same product […]

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Updates on S1Digital CableCARD Enabled PCs


If you were one of the rich…err….lucky enough people to be able to afford the new CableCard systems from S1Digital, you were probably wondering where on earth it was? Well, Chris notices some enlightening additions to the S1Digital webpage:   Chris Lanier OK, so we underestimated how long it would take to get everything in order to start shipping CableCARD […]

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HP Back With Cable Cards

Via Chris Lanier, HP is back selling Cable Card PCs. Honestly, if I had the money I would head over to Velocity Micro and buy one from them. The CEO of VM have been very helpful communicating with the HTPC community about the trials and tribulations of CableCard equipped HTPCs.

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Lifeware Announces Lifemedia: Hi-Fi Entertainment and Home Automation Servers


Thanks to eHomeUpgrade for the press release. Exceptional Innovation, makers of Lifewareâ„¢, announces the launch of a new line of Lifemediaâ„¢ servers, optimized for complete digital entertainment experiences and comprehensive home automation. Using benchmark internal components and the look and feel of a high-end A/V receiver, Lifemedia provides from 500GB to 4.5 Terabytes of storage for digital music, movies, pictures, […]

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HP Gets It Right With CableCard

It appears we finally have a decently priced CableCard PC AND Dual Format HTPC. Getting to the CC, if you select the m8010y Media Center series, you can choose to add on a $400 cable card. When it is all said and done you get a decently equipped HTPC (with ugly case) for just under $1400. Almost as big, they […]

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Shuttle’s latest media Center PC resembles a Wii

The original article is from the New York Times and can be found here. Our friends at PVRWire tracked down the article that glosses over Shuttle's latest Media Center PC incarnation. I have to admit, it does look like a nice small form factor PC, however, I would be a little worried about the installed video card. PVRWire Priced between […]

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S1Digital to Ship CableCARD Enabled Media Centers in Early May


April 25th 2007, New York, NY – S1Digital, a leading builder of high-end Media Centers announced they will be introducing CableCARD (OCUR) enabled Media Centers and Servers in early May. Digital Cable Tuners are the “must have” technology of 2007 and will allow customers to watch and record digital cable programming, including premium HDTV channels, directly from their S1Digital Media […]

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