WD Black2 2 in 1 SSD and HD 2.5″ inch Dual Drive

WD has just announced and released a new Black2 SSD/HD 2.5 hybrid drive. It pairs a 120GB SSD with a 1TB drive. The drive has been designed for System Builders, Media Enthusiasts, Gamers, and Awesome People like us, well it doesn’t say that but we are all awesome. The drive uses WD “Shift_Technology” that allows you to choose what drive […]

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Viako Mini Letter ML-45 LEAP E-350 Barebones Nettop

Aleutia H3-R Fanless Core i5 Media PC

Unless you closely follow news announcements you probably have never heard of Viako, but they’re a company in Korea who are aggressively taking on the HTPC market. Although no current US distribution, the products themselves look very attractive, so it’s good to hear that they can actually perform as well. The package contents on the otherhand are anything but a […]

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