3D BD/MKV support added to JRiver Media Center

It was really just a matter of time after madVR added 3D to its feature-set, and the time has come. With JRiver Media Center (unsurprisingly) being quick to add in official support. Fantastic news for fans of BD-Lite. Media Center 21 introduces support for natively playing 3D Blu-rays and 3D MKV files. This feature will be available in builds 65 […]

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Dune HD Smart H1 Media Streamer


Connected media streamers, like the pair from Roku and NETGEAR that we reviewed recently, focus on providing access to IP content but generally cannot handle local media well enough (if at all) to be a viable unifying solution.  Until we have enough bandwidth, and services able to deliver quality audio/video services over the Internet, those devices act as a supplement […]

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