Apple Drops Front Row Media Feature From OS X Lion

Given our recent reviews of the Elgato tuners specifically designed for Mac, we were hoping for somewhat of a growth for HTPC usage for Mac customers. Instead we discover that Apple has dropped Front Row (is Microsoft next?). New features, amendments and the odd issue are still being discovered within Apple’s new OS X Lion operating system and one older […]

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The Power User’s Apple TV: Mac Mini Updated for 2011


When the orginal Mac Mini was announced back in 2005, it immediately became my model of what an HTPC should look like. I’ve completed two HTPC upgrades since then, and each time I have tried my darndest to justify the extra expense to go with a Mac Mini instead of my usual homebrew. Not as fun, but way sexy. This year’s models […]

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Elgato EyeTV Hybrid USB Tuner


When home theater computers first came to market almost 10 years ago, the television tuners that were available were few and far between, all internal, and featured a whopping single tuner. How times have changed. Now, dual tuners are a given and hybrid tuners seek to accomplish the duty of one-size-fits-all for all customers. The Elgato EyeTV Hybrid is one […]

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