Netflix Announces Open Connect CDN


There is no doubt that Netflix has become an Internet video streaming juggernaut. They generate more traffic and have cornered more money in the market than just about anyone else. Streaming video over the Internet may be cheaper in the long run than shipping discs through the mail, but it’s a safe bet that a goodly chunk of the distribution […]

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Comcast Pilot Testing IPv6 Rollout to Home Cutomers


The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 has been a study in technological baby steps. Even as the world is rapidly running out of IPv4 addresses, ISPs are very slowly working out how to move their customers to IPv6. Comcast has stepped up and become the first major ISP to deploy IPv6 to home customers, albeit only to customers in one town […]

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UFC Comming to Xbox Live December 1st

Today Major Nelson on his blog announced a press release that UFC is coming to Xbox Live. This is on the heels of the Live TV announcements from Microsoft. Every day we are hearing about more and more content that will be coming to the Xbox Live Fall 2011 dashboard update. UFC is one of those interesting trends that has […]

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