SilverStone Temjin TJ08-E Micro-ATX Chassis Reviewed


We learned from our recent HTPC chassis survey that a good number of you are using standard tower and desktop enclosures for your primary HTPC. If you’ve gone shopping for a Micro-ATX tower chassis, you’ll quickly find that there are few decent options available that are modern, can fit one or two powerful GPUs, have adequate cooling and have small […]

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SilverStone CW02 HTPC Reviewed

If you’re into really large HTPC cases, this may be the guy for you.  My preferences generally run the other way though – preferring to push the hard drives into another location where the rattle doesn’t matter as much. The CW02 from Silverstone’s Crown Series is crafted to allow users to really appreciate the design of this high quality HTPC […]

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Fractal Designs Define R3


When selecting the perfect chassis to serve content to the audio/video stack a different set of attributes is required than what is typically demanded from a home theater PC (HTPC) enclosure.  The ideal server must be able to scale to support multiple hard drives, keep everything cool and not sound like a shop-vac in the process.  With eight 3.5” hard […]

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Lian Li PC-C60 HTPC Chassis Revealed

Lian Li PC-C60

I love Lian Li cases–they’re easy to use, aluminum so they’re lightweight, and well built. What I do wish however is they would get a little more creative on their stylings. But hey, I guess I’m happy enough that they continue to produce HTPC-style cases! Pictured below, the PC-C60 measures 445 (W) x 182 (H)x 410 (D) mm, it supports […]

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