Alpenföhn Peter VGA Cooler Reviewed

Peter GPU Cooler.jpg

I don’t know that I’d want to try squeezing this behemoth into my HTPC, but it may very well work for people in some situations.  Even if you aren’t interested in such a cooler, you owe it to yourself to click through and take a look at the pictures of this cooler.  Overall, they seemed pretty impressed with the performance. […]

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Scythe Kozuti Low Profile CPU Heatsink


Scythe has been around a while now, after bursting on the scene with their awesome tower cooler. But luckily they understand the need for quiet cooling in HTPC chassis. Here’s a new one that’s pretty darned tiny. The Scythe Kozuti is the first candidate we’ve seen that might have the capability of beating one of these low profile stock coolers […]

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