Hubitat 2.2.9

While it hasn’t always been easy, I am a big fan of my Hubitat C-7 Elevation hub. One of the great things about it, and the other Elevation hubs that the Hubitat keeps on making them more awesome. Today they released the 2.2.9 firmware update which among a HUGE list of changes, drivers, and improvements, also includes some security “enhancements”. […]

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Ubiquiti Launches UniFi Dream Router

It’s so weird that Ubiquiti (UI) has stopped pretending that Early Access (EA) kit is a secret, except when it suits them. But, I guess it’s their ball, they can throw a tantrum and go home whenever they want. I just wish there was more consistency around the whole thing. Oh, and this router thing looks pretty slick; well maybe […]

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Ubiquiti Announces UniFi Protect AI 360 Early Access

I’m confused. Is Early Access an NDA program, or not? Because if we’re not supposed to be talking about Ubiquiti’s EA HW, someone should really tell Ubiquiti about it… That said, the AI 360 looks really neat, as a concept; especially with PTZ. With a 1920×1920 resolution, it’s probably OK for some installations, but given the video’s pitch, it’s probably […]

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