Considering Home Energy Storage

We recently purchased a tear-down with the goal of building a new passive house on the lot. Naturally, there will be will be a massive solar array on the house, and probably on the detached garage as well. Picking a panel fairly easy because the differences in PV (photovoltaic) products seems to mostly come down to warranty period. Energy storage […]

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GM grabs a hammer, Tesla hands over a nail

First it was Ford, now it’s GM. The not actually a standard “North America Charging Standard” (NACS) connector used by Tesla, has put another nail in CCS’s coffin. Now that GM is on board, 70% of the US EV market is committed to NACS. Most of my thoughts around this can be found in the post about Ford’s action, so […]

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Huh? Fancy that… Net Metering Isn’t a Scam…

I’ve weighed in on the Net Metering debate before. So my opinions, which I like to think have a decent foundation in the facts, even though I clearly have some bias, aren’t exactly unknown. In the video below Matt Ferrell (a well known green energy advocate) goes into a fairly high level of detail (it’s kind of his thing), around […]

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