Not cool Western Digital, not cool at all

While this issue shouldn’t impact those using software “RAID” systems as directly as those with the real kit. It’s terrible that Western Digital (WD) is using SMR on drives specifically targeted at NAS/RAID use cases. Some users are experiencing problems adding the latest WD Red NAS drives to RAID arrays and suspect it is because they are actually shingled magnetic […]

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UDM-Pro: Migrate Unifi Video to Unifi Protect

The ability to run Ubiquiti’s Unifi Protect network video recorder (NVR) on the Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro), is one of the key differences between it and the standard UDM. The process should be relatively straight forward per Ubiquiti’s documentation, but as with most things UDM-Pro, things didn’t quite go to plan… Tech note:

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