Ultra HD Blu-ray cracked, let the deplastification begin

TECHSPOT is reporting that the Russian company Arusoft has released an application capable of removing AACS 2.0, enabling ripping a perfect UHD copy, minus the plastic, to your hard drive. The DeUHD software only has limited title support, and the UI is a bit lacking, but frankly none of that really matters long term. I imagine the heavy lifting is done.

I guess we can cross one of our reasons why Blu-ray is still king off the list.

DeUHD can currently only rip around 30 movies and has only eight supported Blu-ray players, but further development is expected in the near future to add support for more optical drives and movies. Arusoft is allowing users to request support for specific movies and claims to be working on adding new movies weekly.

For now, the tool is available as a trial version that only allows eight to ten minutes of a single disc to be decrypted or as a standalone license that has all available features. The standalone version costs EUR199 ($233) and takes approximately four to six hours to decrypt a standard length movie. It should be noted that standard Blu-ray discs are not supported, only Ultra HD Blu-rays.