DIY – Smart Home Network walkthrough @ instructables

I don’t think this would have much SAF, but it looks like a fun project to setup and have a play with.

In this project I will show you how to create a network of Arduinos with RFM69 transceivers to turn on and off lights in your home. This network is made up of a base Arduino with an ESP8266-01 to be able to control your lights through WiFi. The Arduinos connected to the lights will communicate using the RFM69 transceiver to the base Arduino. This project will allow you to switch on and off your overhead lighting through WiFi and still let the physical light switch be usable. If you want, this project can also be adapted to an outlet as well (Just make sure you don’t exceed the relay’s max switching current). This network is expandable allowing you to control up to 255 different lights around your house from one location.