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    Hi again everyone.  I’ve been getting this issue every once in a while now.  It doesn’t happen all the time but often enough that it can be annoying.  Basically, sometimes when the computer is woken up from sleep the WMC interface will just be a black screen.  Now if I take out my keyboard and hit ctrl/alt/del is takes me to the login screen where I can open up the task manager, so I know it’s not the whole system, just WMC.  Once I open up the task manager, I have to alt+tab over to it then shut down WMC through there.  Once I restart WMC it runs fine.  In case this helps, sometimes the computer is already “awake” when we go to use it, and I assume that since it’s been sitting on the screen saver has come on at some point.  I haven’t tried disabling the screen saver to see if that helps, but I will.

    I’ve searched this and this seems to be an issue some people have, and I’ve seen some talking about how it could be that WMC and my desktop are running in different resolutions, but I don’t think that’s my issue.  I can’t seem to find anything else too helpful about this though.  Has anyone else had this or solved it?  Thanks!

    Mike Garcen

    i know this isn’t helpful at all, but i was experiencing this as well…my solution was to prevent it from allowing it to go into sleep mode. So i’ll be anxious to hear if anyone has a solution for this

    Aaron Ledger

    You can try using Andrew Van Til’s Standby Helper to close eshell.exe (WMC) on standby and open eshell.exe on resume.

    I think everyone that has purchased the HDMI Detective from Gefen has eliminated their strange HDMI synchronization issues.


    I am using the HDMI detective to solve this issue.



    What exactly causes this issue?  Why is it that it’s only WMC that is “black”?  Again, if I open Task Manager and close eshell.exe I can use the computer no problem.  I’m just curious about this because you’d think that this would be something that would be hammered out if the program is supposed to be used in this capacity.

    Thanks for the answers!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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