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    So I’ve dreamt of an HTPC of my very own for many years, but never made the plunge. I even bought an extra copy of Windows 7 with every intention to use it for my HTPC, but that never happened.

    Yesterday I bought my first TV since an old plasma died two years back. Since WMC is clearly on its way out and because, last I heard, Blu-Ray on any PC was hit-or-miss, I was going to just get a Blu-Ray player with some crappy apps (Netflix, etc) on it.

    However, I had just installed Windows 8 on my wife’s laptop and since I don’t have a Blu-Ray player or digital cable, it was the only thing I had to hook up to the new TV. I was blown away by Windows 8 on the big screen! I follow HTPC news enough that I had already gotten her free copy of WMC installed, but I only used it to play a DVD. Because I don’t have or plan to get cable/satellite TV nor require DVR functionality, I saw far more potential in the Windows 8 UI and apps like Netflix and Hulu and Pandora and Slacker!

    Which brings me to my question – are there any Windows 8 HTPC users out there, or can anyone point me to a good Windows 8 HTPC website? I’m actually excited to possibly build a little Blu-Ray enabled HTPC again, now that I’ve seen the potential!

    Based on that answer, I’ve already got more questions brewing: What is the state of Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray audio on PCs this day? What will be the best way to rip my DVD collection for Windows 8? Can a PC upscale DVDs? DVD rips? Have people started using Kinect to control Windows 8? Oh, the possibilities!


    The motherboard you picked, won’t fit in the Antec case… Any case that would fit that motherboard won’t house a superior illustrations card quite well… In the event that I was you, I’d pick a superior motherbaord to fit the Antec case… Ideally a full ATX motherboard. I wouldn’t rush to purchase that PSU, as they don’t express the primary concerns of what the specs are for it… professional logo design It doesn’t tell the Amps on the +12Volt rail, so ordinarily that implies a certain something, modest… Antec and Corsair are the 2 best PSU’s available and are generally solid and ground-breaking on the +12Volt rail…


    Windows 8 HTPC has been blocked by now. No more Windows 8 HTPC now.
    Now you can still have access to the HTPC platform but only on Windows 10.
    As of now, Windows 7 has been debunked so you cannot use apps like Netflix on it.


    Good to know. I haven’t used the tile interface on my htpc yet, but I could imagine it being easier especially when you don’t have the ability to use a full mouse and keyboard and/or if text and icons are too small/difficult to read.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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