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    I have been using a MC since 2007.  I understand the metadata downloads automatically.  That’s about it.  I have ripped many DVD that show no fan art.  now I want to learn how to work with metadata and change it.

    Can anyone point me to a primer on the subject?



    The metadata format differs slightly depending on whether you are using SMTP or the API to send your messages. Key names should include only alphanumeric characters and underscores, and names may not start with an underscore. Field names can contain spaces, but Mandrill does not support searching for field names with spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.

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    The best place to learn more about Metadata and MC is Github. It is the best place to get a primer on this topic.
    You would get the beginner, Intermediate and Advanced knowledge about metadata downloads over there.



    Metadata is information that depicts a physical or electronic asset and can be utilized to oversee assortments of reports, pictures, and other data in a vault, for example, a document or gallery. Some metadata components, for example, title, depiction, subject, and watchwords, are like those that libraries use to list their possessions. Different components, for example, the uniform asset identifier (URI), are explicit to a computerized, Web-based condition. Metadata can be put away in an advanced library or store that offers types of assistance to look or peruse for instructive materia

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    It’s all depends on you, I learn metadata to simply YouTube, it’s a good platform for learning.

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