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      I’ve noticed a few things about the website’s performance that I wonder if there’s anything that can be done to improve/fix it.

      At least half the time I reply to a post, it’ll timeout while replying.  It often still goes through but results in a blank page displayed afterwards.  Sometimes it’ll result in me doing a double post.  And occasionally it’ll result in no post occurring at all, and if it was a longish techincal question/respsonse, I’ll often get annoyed if I can’t back page to it(sometimes I can and my response is there and sometimes it’ll go back to a blank text field) and just not re-type up a response at all.

      The other thing I’ve noticed, is that on my mobile browser (Chrome on Android), the recent activity section is all sorts of bonkers.  It’ll sometimes show posts from days or weeks ago as being the top of the recent (don’t happen on my desktop).  Makes it hard to quickly poke around when I’m out of town and doing most of my fun browsing via my phone.

      As long as I’m throwing stuff out there, a page setup for a better layout/usage on mobile devices would be pretty nice to see too.


        Thanks for the questions and suggestions. We are currently in the process of a complete website redesign and it is taking a little longer then expected. We are working through some of the issues with this site and trying to keep it running while we are working on the new site. There are issues with the replies/comments, I know this. Please stay with us and hopefully very soon it will be fixed and updated.


          Ah, cool.  Looking forward to seeing the redesign.  The posting issue was just being extra buggy for me yesterday, so I figured I’d mention it in case it was just a few users being affected and not a known issue.

          Night Rider

            a Web site redisign,
            can’t wait tp see it gents.

            …. O.o

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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