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    Hey guys,

    Thought i would throw this out there. First here is my setup

    Reciever: Onkyo Tx-SR502
    Speakers: Old ass Sony SS-C77AV’s 270 watts 8 Ohm
    Surround Speakers: Sony SS-SR100’s cheap ass stuff.
    Center Channel: Klipsch 50 watt Boxing day special 8 ohm thing

    I’m looking for a sub to compliment the reciever. I know my speakers are old but they acutally sound pretty good considering they are from 1991. I am also looking for one for my dad who has a nice set of infinity speakers and a Yamaha 700 series amp from a couple years ago. I would like suggestions in the 250-400 dollar range and I mostly want it for home theater, no htpc because I wouldnt know how to build one. Some of the requirements it has to be available in canada and I would like to know where to buy it. Best Buy, Future Shop, Visions don’t seem to cut the mustard. London drugs carries Klipsch and Jamo. A&B sound does have velodyne but I don’t know much about subs. Any starter advise would be great thanks.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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