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    I have a small but anoying problem when playing Standard Def videos in W7MC.

    My living room and bedroom HTPCs are using AMD A4 APUs w/ 64xx GPUs.  My game room HTPC is an Intel NUC w/ an HD 4000 GPU.

    All my standard def video are MPEG encoded, the file wrappers are .mpg .m2ts and .mkv but the problem is on all MPEG video so I’m sure it’s not the file type. 

    The issue is on slow panning shots you see a stutter which I am guessing is the decoder not performing the 3:2 pulldown correctly. 

    The NUC had a video driver update about 2 months ago and that cleared it’s issue.  I have updated ATI drivers for the AMD systems but I still have stutter on panning shots such as Doctor Who season 5 epp 1, the panning shot from the shed to the house right after the title credits, the stutter is very noticable. All HD material plays perfectly, no issues at all. 

    I am using shark007’s code pack for decoding but have set the mpeg decoder to windows default.  For all other decoding I am using the LAV filters exclusively.

    Should I try to use LAV for mpeg decoding?  If so, is there a cheat sheet for that.  If not, is there a way to tweek M$ built in mpeg decoder?  Or do you think the issue lies elseware???

    Many thanks in advance.


      See if there’s a setting in the AMD GPU config for file detection or something like that.


        There is, it is labled “Pulldown Detection”.  I get the stuttering both w/ & w/o it enabled.  I have tried using just the ffdshow filters and the stuttering is still there. 

        Last week I downloaded XMBCbuntu and loaded it onto a thumbdrive and booted one of the AMD systems w/ it.  Once I tweeked the video settings everything played smooth, both SD & HD material.  What player/filters does XBMC use?  Can I use them w/ W7MC?


          Try watching the content in a new version of MPC-HC using only the LAV internal filters.


            Yes Andrew, that is playing much smoother.  Not as smooth as my networked BluRay player but deffinately much better than W7MC.  Is this because of MPC-HC or the way it has the LAV filters set up?  How do I get this to work w/ W7MC???


            I figured it out.  Launch it as an external player using Media Browser.  Just a few tweeks & it works just like W7MC.

            Is there any advantage to using any of the other renderers listed in MPC-HCs configureation?  It defaulted to it’s internal high quality renderer but I was wonder if any of the others gave better image quality?

            Thanks for the hints again.


              If your PC can handle it, madVR is worth a try.

              The underlying problem might be something included in the codec pack. Sometimes there are filters that force themselves into the graph included.


                were you able to resolve this?


                  I was reviewing video last night and noticed bad frame skipping. Rebooted and nothing. The only thing that fixed it was formatting the card. Anybody else notice this issue? I’m using a Samsung 32 gig card.

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