SOLVED: (mostly) SageTV is gone. So now what is the best option for server/client?

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    Let me begin by saying thank you to all of the help I have received from these forums. You have made my life much better.


    Now,for my question. I want use my new WHS 2011 server to store and rip all of my movies/tv shows. Since SageTV is gone, I am not sure what the best way to serve the movies to my TV is. My requirements for the client are as follows:

    1. Play MKV, ISO, and any other HD format I could rip a blu-ray into
    2. Play all music and photos (should be easy)
    3. Have a nice GUI like SageTV did so that my wife will not only LIKE using it, but will be ABLE to use it.
    4. The client wouldn’t be more than $200 MAX to build/buy

    My initial thought is to use XBMC to stream everything. I also heard that Media Portal is good.


    Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask questions.




      The hard part is covering the $200 budget. You’ll get the flexibility you need out of a PC-based solution, the budget requirement is a problem though. If you could live with some limitations, you might want to look at something like the Boxee Box. There’s even a SageBoxee app in development for Boxee which might be helpful for your situation.


        XBMC doesn’t have an integrated DVR.  There’s a whole thread on this on the sageTV forums.  My understanding is that there isn’t much alternatives if you want it all integrated into a single system.



          Unless I am missing something, sounds like Windows Media Center and Xbox 360’s would fit the bill. You just need to pick one of many transcoding options for WHS.


            I should have been more clear. I do not need DVR functionality. What I meant by TV shows are shows ripped from discs or downloaded from torrents.


              Could you point me in the direction of the WHS transcoding options?


                Thanks for replying Aaron.


                I was thinking of using a nettop or a Revo like device. I think those are about $200.


                  I was even thinking of using WDTV Plus and using the hack but the GUI doesn’t seem wife friendly.


                    Wait for Google TV, now that Google bought Motorola Mobile and Sage, some nice integration coming soon.




                      Thanks but that could take at least a year.


                      Has anyone ever heard of Popbox?


                        Our Media Player Comparison Guide may be helpful in your search.


                          I’m confused.  What do you mean by SageTV being gone?


                            After SageTV was acquired by Google, the store was taken down so licenses and HD300 can no longer be purchased.


                              I think I was under the impression that the OP already had SageTV and I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work.



                                I’m confused.  What do you mean by SageTV being gone?



                                I mean it is no longer for sale.

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