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    Saw these two deals on the Seiki 4k HDTVs on a deal website and figured I’d post them over here for anyone that might be tempted by them.

    39″ for $500

    50″ for $722

    While the content isn’t here right now, it’s nice to see the prices on 4k hitting a reasonable point.



    I gave in and ordered the 39″ one to replace my triple monitor setup in my office.  Anyone have any suggestions for reference/demo videos to check out on it?

    Mike Garcen

    i saw these prices too, pretty amazing. you have to write up how you like it when you get it!


    Yeah, I’ll let you guys know how it is once I put it throught its paces.  It’s good thing it’s going in my office, looked up my video card in my HTPC, it can’t push 4k. 🙁  Once Netflix or another service starts doing the content, it may be time for an upgrade to it.  But in the meantime, I’ll try out a few test videos I’ve found on youtube and see what I think.

    I’m happy that I’ve already lined up a few buyers to part out my current triple monitor setup and it’ll be an almost across the board swap for getting an extra 1080p worth of real estate to work on.


    I can’t seem to find a positive review for those TVs anywhere.  In fact, what I have found suggests that these TVs are complete crap.



    I’ve seen several good reviews.  Found this one linked over at AVSforums  The default settings are supposed to bad, so they do need a bit of adjusting (but I find that true with most sets).  I have a feeling when HDMI 2.0 devices start hitting the market, we’ll see much better sets since they’ll support higher than 30hz at 4k.  Most of the bad reviews I’ve seen were because of the 30hz cap and how effects gaming as a PC monitor.  But I guess I’ll find out in a couple days for certain.


    I still remember when I got my first HDTV which was a beastly 1080i CRT display, so I might just have a bad habbit of buying new tech to play around with…  Now where’d I put that pile of 30+ HD-DVD’s?


    So far I like it.  Won’t get to really put it through its paces until later this weekend.  But so far, I tossed my Chromecast on it and after a few tweaks to the settings, 1080p looks like I’d expect it to.  As a monitor, it seems solid, the 30hz at 4k didn’t bother me.  The youtube videos I found were gagging when I tried to stream them (gonna try and save them to my PC later to avoid the streaming hic-ups).  The few photos from my SLR I looked at looked great; should be nice for editing.  And I ran Guild Wars 2 at 4k just to see if my system could handle it (thankfully it did) and the detail looked amazing.  I’ll run a calibration disc this weekend and see what it can really do once I get a few test 4k videos downloaded.


    I suspect that at 39″, if I move back to typical couch distance, 4k vs 1080p will look very similar.


    Other than having to take a hour and half off to watch the 50th Doctor Who special, I’d mucked around with the TV a bunch today.  My take is at 39″, for a normal viewing distance, a 1080p set will get you the same viewable results at couch/bed distances.  Up close, the few 4k videos I checked out looked really stunning with some incredible details.  It makes me want a 4k projector ,to replace my current one, once content comes out (but that gets run at ~130″ and the details will be noticible from a distance).  The PQ on the set after a few tweaks to settings was good, not as stunning as my old plasma, but more than acceptable.

    For my main use of productivity, it works really well.  Going from 3x 1080p monitors to a single 4k is sweet for photo editing.  It’s a little awkward with multiple windows open since I liked having my side monitors at slight angles to make it easier for viewing.  I like being able to set up 3 windows effectively in portrait mode or 4 windows in landscape without having to rotate screens based off what I’m doing.

    For gaming, I found the extra pixels for detail really nice.  The 30hz cap might really bother some people though and I’d probably prefer 60hz from HDMI 2.0 or Display Port.  My video card could barely push over 30 FPS, so it might be a while until that’s plausible for people to run without expensive rigs.

    Overall, I’d say, it’s worth it as a replacement for a multi-monitor desktop system, but I think it’s of limited use for HTPC usage right now.  By the time Netflix and others start pushing 4k videos out, I expect Seiki (or another company) to have a newer set in the same price range with HDMI 2.0 or Display Port.  And I really think that the larger screen sizes or projectors is where the extra resolution will shine.  I could see getting a 55″+ set in the next year, but I’d want passive 3d (I think it’d hide the interlacing lines at this res) and something better than the 30hz HDMI limit.

    Mike Garcen

    nice writeup!


    Thanks.  I see it as a not quite ready for prime time kind of tech.  It’s got a lot of potential, just nothing to really take advantage of it right now (outside of productivity/PC gaming usage).  I think it might push new people into picking up HTCP’s over the next year or two.  With the “next gen” gaming consoles only doing 1080p, I could see building 4k streaming(Netflix)/gaming boxes for the living room being real popular in the near future; especially with Valve’s SteamOS coming out soon.  I’d be hard pressed to recommend going 4k right now, outside of those who’d find it’s limited usage of benefit.


    The 39″ is down to $427 on Amazon,  If I’d waited 2 weeks, I could’ve save $70.  At this price, it’ll be hard to not go 4k for anyone that needs a new smaller set.

    Edit: the 39″ dropped down to $405 and the 50″ down to $625.


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