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    My old Onkyo A-RV401 is crapping out on me after about 15 years and I finally am going to move up to surround.

    I am looking at the Onkyo’s above just because I am familiar with the brand, like them etc. I would consider a SR304 if they had it in black.

    What I am looking to do:

    I will be running spdif off my HTPC for music, dvd, and hd.
    I am looking to go 5.1 so I not worried about future proofing.

    Currently I have very little space. I have an old pair of Cerwin-Vega 300SE’s that I don’t want to give up or have room to store so I think I will keep those as my mains and use them for my front. I am going to pick up center, possibly some satellite’s. In the near future I will have bit more room and set up full suround and just use the Vega’s for music with a amp.

    At some point I will get Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player, would like to one for the HTPC, either way would these receivers be sufficient? I am not a huge audiophile but like decent quality.

    So basically I am just curious what you all think about the Onkyo 504/574/603 for this purpose. I want to be able to drive the vega’s, I don’t get too loud anymore (think kid/condo/little space). I guess I am just looking to see if this is suitable and if I am looking in the right direction. I think I will probably go with the 504.

    I don’t think I will need the video pass through or anything. I am also looking at a few of the low end denon’s, I like how they look. Any advantage to either brand in the $250-$350 range?

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