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      I think that it would be a good idea to have one place where I (and eventually others) can answer questions about Wesena chassis.
      Instead of answering individually questions by e-mail – I will answer all questions here.
      No other brands here, please.



        ITX1, ITX4 and ITX5 are shipping now.
        ITX4 and ITX4 have new HD bracket, so distance from motherboard posts to lowest part of the bracket is 54mm = 2″ 1/8
        ITX1 has 40mm fan installed already.



          Do you happen to know the dB level of the 40mm fan?


            No, I don’t have any data, sorry.


              Wesena eHDD chassis.
              I received several e-mails from people asking about eHDD chassis. eHDD chassis were not very popular so we stopped production.

              We can build them if there is enough demand. So we are accepting preorders to find out how many people would like to buy it. When ordering, please use credit card. (If you use PayPal you pay immediately) I will NOT charge your credit card, I just want to know how many people are really interested in such chassis.

              It there is enough demand, we will build them and offer for sale in the USA.

              This chassis – with fans and 250W proprietary PSU – costs $300.00. You have to add $85.00 per SATA card for 5 HDs, so if you need chassis for 10 HDs you have to spend $470.00, plus eventually additional $25.00 for controller installed in your PC.

              It is possible that we can lower price up to 25% if there is enough demand for this chassis.

              I like to know if people in the USA are interested in such chassis.



                I am receiving e-mails with questions why the same looking chassis have different model numbers.
                Wesena started manufacturing chassis under their own name couple years ago.  Two years ago Wesena in partnership with Streacom added fanless chassis to their line under Streacom brand known as FC series.  Later Wesena made their own ITX models under Streacom brand, named F*C.
                They also made some models under Wesena brand but named in Streacom style – F*C to make it more complicated.  So you can see the same chassis labeled as Wesena ITX2 or Streacom F1C or Wesena F1C!

                Last spring several people left Wesena (including the designer and General Manager), started their own company and build the same chassis under the PHT brand, so – right now – there are identical or almost identical chassis under PHT, Streacom and Wesena brands.
                I hope that this explanation eliminated any confusion

                Best Regards


                  New fanless model from Wesena. I will get two for testing this week. Thin-mini-ITX only. 210 x 210 x 50 mm. (8.25 x 8.25 x 2″)


                    Looks really nice. How much storage space is available?


                      Only one 2.5″ HD, so up to 2TB (as today).
                      Of course mSATA can be as big as 1TB (as today)


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