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      I think that it would be a good idea to have one place where I (and eventually others) can answer questions about Streacom chassis.
      Instead of answering individually questions by e-mail – I will answer all questions here.
      No other brands here, please.



        I found it curious that the same three threads popped up at AVS…But then I saw your name in the sig and thought hey it’s the same guy. Then I noticed the bottom of your sig and it all makes sense Smile.


        I do some day plan to purchase a Streacom case. I just have no need for another HTPC at the moment. Great looking case at a great price and I would finally get to experimentwith fanless.



          Streacom released two new models FC9 and FC10. Production will start after Computex but pre-orders are taken already.


            Is the eject button in the middle of the ODD?


              Can you tell me if there will be a revision of the other cases? like FC5 or FC8 with the new heatpipe solution, usb side ports and the eject button in the middle?


                OK.  The black one rocks!


                  Pricing info? Looks sa-weet!


                    Streacom designed NC1:
                    Designed for the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) platform, the NC1 delivers silent computing in an impossibly small package.
                    The case is modular, meaning that front, rear and CPU cooler can be replaced to accommodate future NUC motherboards and its acrylic sides allow for internal WiFi and Bluetooth signals to propagate, keeping the outside sleek and clutter free.
                    The optional VESA compatible mount allows it to be hidden behind the monitor, but with looks like this, we think most people will have it on display.

                    I like to know if people in the USA are interested in such chassis.


                      I think the biggest problem with these chassis is that there doesn’t seem to be any retail availability of the NUC board w/o its Intel enclosure. These look nice, but if I’m going to replace the case it has to add something I can’t get from stock. For e.g. space for a slim-line ODD or 2.5″ HDD.


                        For e.g., I’d love to see a chassis for the new NUC that would enable these features. It has CIR, SATA and internal USB. Would be an awesome full featured HTPC in a tiny package.


                          I am receiving e-mails with questions why the same looking chassis have different model numbers.
                          Wesena started manufacturing chassis under their own name couple years ago.  Two years ago Wesena in partnership with Streacom added fanless chassis to their line under Streacom brand known as FC series.  Later Wesena made their own ITX models under Streacom brand, named F*C.
                          They also made some models under Wesena brand but named in Streacom style – F*C to make it more complicated.  So you can see the same chassis labeled as Wesena ITX2 or Streacom F1C or Wesena F1C!

                          Last spring several people left Wesena (including the designer and General Manager), started their own company and build the same chassis under the PHT brand, so – right now – there are identical or almost identical chassis under PHT, Streacom and Wesena brands.
                          I hope that this explanation eliminated any confusion

                          Best Regards


                            Wow! Thanks for the clarification.


                              HP4-97 arrived yesterday, so I grabbed FC5, installed ASRock H81M-ITX and checked how new pipes will fit. Look at pictures. CPU socket can be 4÷5 mm closer to wall and it still will be OK.
                              I don’t have ASROCK Z87E-ITX, but looking at pictures it looks to me, that socket on ASROCK Z87E-ITX is closer to motherboard edge, but just a little, so it should be OK – I think.
                              HP4-97 are compatible with FLS-3, FLS-4, FLS-7 and FLS-8.  Also with Streacom chasssis FC5, FC9 and FC10

                              Just look at pictures, please.


                                I moved bottom plate close to wall ~6mm (total distance 32mm) and still could put upper bracket with no problem. I think that I can assure you that 33mm from wall is safe. So if the edge of CPU mount is at least 14mm from Motherboard edge – you are OK. (It is 19mm from the Motherboard edge on H81M-ITX)

                                I hope that my info and pictures are helpful.

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