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      Every season some of us like to discuss new shows and share personal reviews.  Now that the new fall season has begun, it’s time to share our thoughts.  Personally, I haven’t seen too many new shows yet and there aren’t that many that have piqued my interest.  Here’s my take on the ones I’ve seen so far:

      Vegas – I was really hoping I’d like this one seeing as how it stars Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, and Carrie Ann Moss.  Unfortunately, the scene in the opener with Dennis Quaid facing off a car racing straight towards him was so cliched I immediately deleted the show from my future recordings.  It just reminds me of a very angry Longmire ripoff.  I just hope it gets better for those that decide to stick around for future episodes, assuming there are any.

      Revolution – I see this as the next Terra Nova.  Just how many post-apocalyptic worlds can there be?  Like TN, there’s an underlying mystery about why the power went out.  I plan on sticking this one out to see how it turns out.

      Last Resort – This one blew me away and so far has my vote for best new series.  Great story and great acting.  I just hope they can keep it up beyond the pilot episode.

      The Neighbors – Taking 3rd Rock to the next level.  An absolute hoot.  I rarely watch sitcoms but this one looks like a keeper.  Even the wife likes it.

      The Mob Doctor – I have lukewarm feelings about this one.  Not bad, but not great either.  I’ll keep watching until it bores me.

      Elementary – Sort of like Perception, but without the schizophrenia and hallucinations.  Another potential keeper.

      666 Park Avenue – I’ve got it recorded but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one as it sounds interesting.  The networks are starting to realize there’s a place for some primetime horror after the success of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, which are both scheduled to start up soon.

      Upcoming shows I plan to watch – Arrow (Green Arrow spinoff of Smallville on The CW, but with a different actor playing Oliver Queen); Chicago Fire (another primetime show about firemen).

      This fall has been pretty slim pickin’s for new shows.  There are quite a few I haven’t mentioned, mainly because they either didn’t interest me or were totally panned by the majority of reviewers prior to airing.  I can only watch so much TV each week so I have to weed out any shows that look like they may just be a waste of my time.  Obviously, everyone has different tastes so whatever may appeal to me may not be your cup of tea and vice versa.  Join in and share your views on new shows you’re seen so far.


      Aaron Ledger

        The only one I have tried on the list is Revolution and I checked out after 30 minutes. I couldn’t intellectually suspend so much disbelief in the concept. The technologies that “work” are just arbitraily chosen. Everyone on earth forgot how a mechanical motor worked? Oh, but guns work, of course. Clothing is freshly laundered and looks great though. The acting and dialogue was also bad from what I saw.

        Mike Garcen

          i’ve been having enough trouble keeping up with football and all the start of my favorites to try a new one, but based on your report i’ll have to give The Neighbors a try!



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              I used to watch 666 park Avenue. ABC ruined the episode for me by cutting away the show too early.

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