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    Forum member cgsheen just put up a really great post in our forums, showing how he took a “construction opportunity” to add some serious entertainment to his bathroom’s jacuzzi.  Check out the very impressive photos below…

                                                                      –George Schmauch

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted!  Here’s a project I’ve been working on for the last several months (should have only taken a couple, but I’m old and not in a hurry…)  Part way through we decided to make this little addition:


    Yup, that’s RG6 Coax, Ethernet x2, and HDMI strung through the wall.



    And here’s what it got hooked up to:



    That’s a little AOC 1080p LED Television…

    Just above our new Jetta whirlpool tub.  A small part of my bathroom remodel.  Got to do it all myself and it turned out pretty nice.  The television is connected OTA and to our “server” computer running Vista Home Premium. 



    This Media Center computer doesn’t have any tuners, but it does have ALL of our Music, Pictures, HD Video, Movies and has access to all the recorded television on our other computers. 

    And, no, I can’t stay in the tub for a whole movie.  Mrs. Sheen can!  The tub is super comfortable – I just turn raisin-like too swiftly…

    It’s great for a bit of distraction while in the tub OR listening to music while you’re in the shower, shaving, & getting dressed…  But for REAL movie-watching, I always go back to my Man-cave!


      Very cool, nice job.  I definitely won’t be showing my wife this!  


        That’s a great project. What are you doing for control?


          From the sound of it, I’d say “raisin-like toes”.  Wink

          That does look really nice, though.  Bravo!

          Mike Garcen

            Great job cgsheen! Hope you don’t mind I threw it on the front page. Man i wish that was my setup!!


              That’s awesome. I would have thought the high humdity could damage a TV. 


                Thanks Guys!  Mike, don’t mind at all.

                It was a pretty inexpensive addition and easily done during construction.  The TV is actually 12 Volt, so I could have just run low-voltage power wiring. 

                It’s also THIN so not much room for speakers – they’re tiny.  I was worried about sound, but there’s something about all that tile that makes it sound MUCH better that it actually is…  I have no current plans to add wall or ceiling speakers.

                I found a place that makes waterproof keyboards, mice, and remote controls.  (they’re all dishwasher safe!) I’m going to try one of their waterproof universal remotes to see if it’ll replace the MS MCE remote I now have in a ziplock bag!  I found I can put the MCE IR Receiver just about anywhere in the room.  The signal obviously has NO problem bouncing off these walls.


                  Definitely post a guest review of the waterproof equipment you get!



                    That’s awesome. I would have thought the high humdity could damage a TV. 


                    That was definately a concern of mine!  Mrs. Sheen likes her water HOT!  She really steams up the place.  We’re in Arizona though.  No humidity here so this is about the only time of year “steaming up the place” is an issue.  I don’t know how this would work in the more humid areas of the country.  I’ve been watching closely and so far I haven’t had any condensation on the TV at all, even when the tile, windows, and shower door are all covered with water.

                    Even if it cuts the life of this TV somewhat, it was only $200, so replacing it a little more often isn’t a hugh drawback.  (although, I really don’t think it has any switches or contacts that might oxidize more quickly with the humidity…)  We’ll see what happens down the road…


                      Not sure where you live, but that would never pass our building codes.



                        Not sure where you live, but that would never pass our building codes.


                        I knew from the minute I posted that this comment was coming…

                        Here either – nor anywhere for that matter, since there’s a uniform minimum building code standardized across the United States.  

                        Let me just say:  I urge anyone attempting a similar installation to make sure either they or their electrical professional follow all local building codes during the construction process.



                          Don’t get me wrong, I think it is cool to have your setup.

                          When we looked at doing something similar in our house the electrician said the code would not allow an electircal connection that close to the tub, shower or hot tub. He said he could install it but warned us that if we ever sell the home the inspection report would point that out and the electrical outlet would have to be removed and retiled over to meet code.


                            I think you had a bad electrician or different code. I had one installed over the jacuzzi in my old house and it passed inspection fine. As long as you put it on a breaker plug or whatever they call those things you are within code. At least in my state it just states within so many feet of water it has to be a breaker plug. It is no different then having the plug below the tub for the jacuzzi or having the plug outside your house.

                            Anyone local codes may be different, but there areany high end homes here that builders are putting tvs above the jacuzzi and they are also passing code just fine.


                              [quote=PLUCKYHD]As long as you put it on a breaker plug or whatever they call those things you are within code.[/quote]

                              GFCI Outlet 🙂


                              Hi Plucky


                                That is a fantastic install!

                                And I might add, as a professional tile man, the tile job is awesome too.

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