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    So when I started ripping my movie collection to my NAS, I somehow stumbled accross YAMMM.  I don’t remember how but it seemed pretty simple so I installed it and sure enough, it found all the movies in my collection and updated the folders with cover art and metadata.  Before this program I didn’t even know this was possible.  On the main machine where I have YAMMM installed, when I open media center it shows both the cover art and metadata.  However, on the new computer I bought to replace our cable box on our main TV, media center only shows the cover art, not the metadata.  Does YAMMM need to be installed on that machine too, or is there a setting I need to change?

    Also, I’ve been searching for media center plugins and have found one that seems to be very popular called My Movies.  I’m considering installing that on both machines since it seems to really make the movie interface nice, but I’m also considering using that for the metadata as well instead of YAMMM.  How would I make the switch to this from YAMMM?  Meaning, how will the information that YAMMM brought in effect My Movies once it’s installed and I remove YAMMM?

    Thanks for any help!


    My Movies has its own database online. The free features of My Movies gets you most of the meta data. YAMMM (which was written by an editor here btw) pulls data from IMDB and TMDB (the movie database) which is a little different than what My Movies does.

    My Movies is kind of “social” type app where end users like you and I add movie meta data and then is stored online at the My Movies servers and then is shared to end users who are using it.

    the only down side to My Movies vs. YAMMM is that my movies runs an SQL database on at least one PC, that is then shared to other PC’s.

    So in your case you would install the My Movies “server” and “client” both on at least one PC, then all the rest of the PC’s in your house you would only install the “client” and the clients would then connect to the PC running the “server” to access the data base with all the meta data.



    Josh, thanks very much for your reply!  That definitely makes sense with how to install My Movies.  It seems like there are a couple of different ways to use My Movies, as a collection manager which fills in all the metadata, and as an add on to WMC to make browsing your collection better.  Can I do one or the other instead of both at the same time?  For example, if I want to continue using YAMMM, can I just install the add on to WMC to make the movie browsing better?  If I can, will it read the metadata from YAMMM and populate that on all my machines?

    I still don’t understand why only one of my pcs sees the metadata from YAMMM.  If it’s saved as a file in the folder, why would my pc downstairs where YAMMM’s not installed not see it?


    Just like you said, YAMMM stores .xml files that stores the meta data for the files. All YAMMM and My Movies does is store the meta data into the folder of the movie. 

    If the only issue you are having is the meta data not showing up on another pc, it could be the database could be corrupted on the pc. 

    Delete and rapair the media database:

    try that and see if that works first.



    For Yammm I have instructions on how to get the metadata on the 2nd machine if you like. Thats why I have the option to add additional folders on the metadata tab. If you are interested in how to setup just let me know and I’ll post a quick how to.


    Definitely interested!  I’m sorry if it’s been posted elsewhere and I’ve missed it, but if you could post it that would be awesome.  Thanks!


    Mike, so I always forget that YAMMM has a configuration utility.  Since it’s kind of just set it up and let it work, I never think about the utility.  After I read your post I opened it up and noticed on the metadata tab how it says you need to add users or custom location so YAMMM can create the metadata cache.  Is it as easy as adding the user account for the other computer, or do I add a folder on the other computer?

    And going back to my original post in this thread about my question with using MyMovies, I just noticed that you have the option to save metadata info in mymovies.xml format.  My original thought was that I wouldn’t be able to use YAMMM and MyMovies together which is why I asked if I’d have to set everything up again.  But if I check that box and have YAMMM download that file too then install MyMovies it should just read that file and I can use it just for the media manager capabilites, right?  I like YAMMM a lot so if I don’t have to uninstall it that’d be great!

    I appreciate everyone’s help here.  There really is a lot of info on this site and I’m just starting to scratch the surface!

    Aaron Ledger

    You should do a little bit of research on the mymovies.xml file because the My Movies software recently changed to encrypt the mymovies.xml so I am not sure how compatible it will be with other applications that create mymovies.xml files. It may be fully compatible, but I just wanted to give you a heads up before you get too far down a certain path and find out it won’t work.


    The latest MM is no longer compatible (the developer wasn’t happy with other programs making use of that format….).

    I’ll post a quick guide late tonight or tomorrow morning with the steps required.


    Is Yammm even supported anymore? From what I can tell, it has not been updated in 2 years. Does the last version even work anymore? The webpage for Yammm still shows the same info for the last 2 years. No updates at all about anything. If it’s not supported anymore, maybe put a note on the page saying so.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved Yammm, and Mike did a great job making the program. but if it’s not supported anymore, say so. Even if it’s not supported, thank you for the work you have done.


    I uninstalled it months ago when it would no longer update my metadata. I just figured it was one of those programs that got lost in the void and was no longer supported. When I used it, it was the best.







    I use YAMMM and it works perfectly.


    I’m long over due to release an update and post a few how tos. I know a few users who have issues but the majority of Yammm users have had no problems


    Mike, YAMMM has always worked fine for me.  It’s just that whole idea of getting the info to show up in two places.  I actually switched to MyMovies to give them a shot and I love the interface, I actually find it loads my movie collection much faster than WMC, but I’m having tons of trouble with it.  The service keeps crashing on me so I can’t set up a second machine, and I have 2 copies of each move showing up in the movie list.  I think it’s because I have multiple id files in each folder.  But all that being said, if you posted a guide about getting the info on a second machine I’ll definitely use YAMMM again.


    I also am interested in doing the same thing as Camaroon. I can get the metadata showing up on the PC which runs Yammm, but on another PC, it does not.  In the configuration of Yammm, there is an option to copy the metadata to another folder, but where does it need to be on the other PC?


    Michael – if you can post a guide on how to do this, that would be AWESOME!  I have tried many other media plugins, and this is the most reliable, flexible and does what it says.


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