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    I believe I have outgrown my snapstream firefly and am on a mission to find a remote control solution for my setup.  Here is what i know.

    I will soon have 3 htpc/client systems on a home ethernet network with a file server.  I will most likely have 3 separate remotes, one for each client system.  Each system will be simple with a slim profile htpc (ahanix 302b), a slim receiver/amp and an lcd monitor with dvi connection to the client.

    The way I see it, the remote(s) i am looking to purchace must control
    1. the on/off for they lcd monitor (which i think is pretty tough to do  :-\ )
    2. control beyond tv (i am not an mce user) running in front of winXPpro.  these clients WILL NOT have a keyboard or mouse.
    3. control the slim receiver/amp (on/off, volume, input source, etc)

    I am ready to purchase the mce remote/receiver/blaster
    just to get my feet wet.

    My snapstream (RF) has been good to me but I am pretty sure i will need to go to IR to do the deed.  I can’t even wake my htpc up with the firefly.  The MCE remote is IR and should be able to control the htpc and receiver.  I wonder if the monitor control is even possible or if i should just leave it on all the time (black screen in sleep mode)?

    Suggestions are appreciated.  Please help! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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