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    Happy Holiday’s all

    My current setup is a NAS and 3 Dune Smart players throughout my house and a Med8er in another room which works perfect with the exception of full 3d BDMV with full menu support.

    I’m trying to decide what setup will be best in terms of equiptment for this.


    Intel Nuc? or build a machine? If building myself I have 8gb of ddr3 lying around, a Mini itx case with a 250w power supply and a WD red drive although I put an ssd in mostly.  I would be sticking this into my Home theater rack 


    Hope I am starting out in the right direction


    Since you’re already built up w/ CE-style devices, you might be more comfortable staying with that sort of device. What is your timeline? If you can wait, it might be worth seeing what pops at CES in Jan.

    That said, if you decide to go HTPC I really like the HSW NUC but given your existing component stash it might be better to build an ITX with a HSW i3 so it probably makes the most sense to leverage that.


    My thoughts are to build as well. With the ITX DIY method I have the option in the future of throwing a video card in, with the nuc I am stuck with what I bought for the same price. 

    I seen the i5 HSW for the same price as the i3 HSW at Microcenter the other day. Even thought about that although probably overkill ?


    If playback is the only goal, an i5 will be overkill and likely a bit less power efficient. On the other hand if you intend to do more with it (game, scan for commercials, etc.) and i5 will be $ well spent.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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