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    Night Rider

    First time posting a review of something on MissingRemote.com
    I am in now way affiliated with this site.
    Just a happy user… 

    Roku screen capture

    Mobile Menu Screenshots

    Mobile Live TV

    Are you ready to experience TV on your
    iOS, Android, Modern Web Browser and Roku?
    Then you need to try HDHRFling.


    You can now download the companion application for Roku
    and stream TV anywhere your Roku can access the internet.

    I tested this out on two Roku’s in my own home and it’s a great solution
    for stremaing live TV to your Roku from an HDHomerun Prime.


    Basic Setup

    • Download and install HDHDR Fling on your PC
    • HDHRFling should start automatically at the end of the installation.
      If not launch it from the start menu.
    • Double click the HDHRFling service running in the system tray
    • Looking at the settings tab you’ll see lots of options.
      Let explain what each is and which ones we should be concerned with.
      (Items highlighted are the ones we need to adjust / confirm for a basic setup)
    Full instalation details here – http://hdhrfling.com/how-to/


    HDHRFling Features:

    Try before you Buy

    Support for all HDHR devices that implement the HTTP API

    HDTC models benefit from stream facilitation, AAC transcoding of audio (optional) and guide data with little to no CPU usage

    You can now access your HDHRFling TV on Roku

    (private channel) HDHRFling Roku

    New improved menu feels more like a traditional set top box

    Easy Setup and runs quietly in the back ground

    UPnP setup for Routers and Firewalls (beta)

    Support for multiple devices from a single HDHRFling instance

    Stream both inside your home and across the internet

    TV Guide powered by Zap2it

    Record your favorite TV programs and they’ll be ready to stream instantly when you are

    Stream local movies you may already own on demand

    Support within most modern web browser via flash (beta)

    iOS and Android supported (Andoird results may vary)

    No additional iOS / Android application to install. Simply use your favorite web browser and navigate to your host server and your off…

    this will allow for even more flexibility in the future

    Authentications to help secure and seperate your instance if viewing remotely

    Remote management of your streams and view tuner statuses on the go

    Coming Soon:

    Currently working to support additional companion apps (Samsung Smart TV’s, Google TV)


    Night Rider

    If you have a HTPC in your house as I do this is a nice addition.
    The server transcoding software is simple to setup and use.
    Streaming quality over hard wire and WIFI is excellent.

    The software is available for free to try and if you like the quality it’s $14.99
    Priced well if you ask me for what it does.

    Hope others find this helpful. 


    Great, thanks for the quick review.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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