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    Alright, so I have been building computers for awhile. Mainly for gaming. Well, I’m bored with that now. 

    I just got my first house, so I am wanting to tech it out a little bit. Where is the best place to start when it comes to HTPC? (im pretty much clueless) I plan on having friend come over often, and would like an awesome home theater, without the hassel of needing a DVD or blueray player.

    I would like to burn all of my DVDs onto my new build, and have it on a play list so I dont have to jump around to load new disc. I want awesome sound cards and HD going straight into the TV w/ surround sound and all of that, possibly even a projector for special ocassions. 

    I stumbled across this site while looking up some more information, so it is possible that by the time I get a reply, I may have found some answers. But either way, I hope to learn some information from here and build an awesome setup! My budget will probably be around $1000 , because like I said, I just got my first place so need to conserve money!


    There are a lot of good sites.

    Your budget is pretty high for an htpc, so I wouldn’t worry about that.  I would start very simple.   You shouldn’t need a sound card, or even a video card if you get a good motherboard (unless you are gaming also).  Extra parts add heat and noise.  Noise is a big deal if your PC is going to be in the livingroom.  Take care to get quiet, good quality fans.  For your budget you could add a cablecard tuner and ditch the crappy cable company dvrs.


    Simple system would be a Haswell i5, 8GB RAM, 90-128GB SSD, and a couple large hard drives. As mentioned, adding a DCT is well within your budget.

    If you don’t plan on gaming with the system, that will be more than enough.



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