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    Hi first post

    I have been looking at HTPC for awhile and decided my next computer build will be centered around it.

    Its been awhile since I built a computer so technology has kinda passed me up some (5 years)

    Anyway with my limited knowledge I came across this processor

    I figured it was cost effective enough for what I am doing.

    So I was wondering which MOBO features are necessary and which can be left out?  I would like to try out a intel based board for this build.

    I do plan on building on a Micro ATX platform. Also I want to use a ssd with W7 for applications and a large HDD for storage.

    I will probably go with 4gb of ram at the fastest speed the MOBO can use.

    I plan on picking out my parts and then figure out the PSU in order to avoid overkill.

    I am not sure if gaming will be in the mix because I dont know the pros and cons if integrating it into a HTPC build.  Most likely I will concentrate on leaving it out, but would like to have the option.

    I also would like to have onboard GPU along with HDMI to the TV.  But I still want the ability to install a standalone GPU at a later date.

    Last thing I can think of at the moment is that I will be using cable TV and cable internet.

    Another thing I would like is to be able to record my shows while at work (something like TIVO) and edit out commercials.  (Sorry I am very new to this, but I learn quick!!)

    I thank everybody for any help.

    Helen Olin

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    One word Answer: Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro WiFi
    This Motherboard would help you build your HTPC system.
    It has all the features necessary for your HTPC.
    Ensure that you have a proper power system in place to keep the motherboard safe of power fluctuations.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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