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    I’m trying to decide how I’m going to watch my Yankees games this year from California. 

    I have DirecTV, so I can easily purchase Extra Innings ($180 I think), or I can get ($120), since I’m already watching everything through my HTPC anyways. 


    Is there an easy way to set up recording of all Yankees games with Sunday Ticket?  I believe the guide normally just lists the 15 Extra Innings channels with some kind of generic “Extra Innings” show title, so I’m thinking it might be hard for it to know what channel and time the Yankees games will be on.  Maybe someone has written a plugin for this?  I’m using BeyondTV at the moment. 

    This year they’re upping the bitrate of to 700kbps if you get the premium package.  I’m still concerned that the quality might suck and there might be choppyness on occasion.  Has anyone had any experience, positive or negative with

    How will the interface work through my remote (firefly), or will it at all?

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