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    Night Rider

    I’m looking to utilize a Creative s750 Gigaworks 7.1 set
    Without a HTPC, but possibly use a Dolby hardware decoder.

    I do not have a Creative DDTS-100 external decoder.
    I would like to use this with my 51″ Samsung Plasma TV

    These are the connections on the sub woofer
    rear connectors

    It does have an audio control pod
    Audio Control Pod

    Aaron Ledger

    I do not understand. Are you asking how to hook the speakers up to your TV? If so, it looks like you need to connect the analog audio output from the TV into the subwoofer “Front” port. You won’t get all the other channels though.

    Night Rider

    Hi Aaron,
    I’m looking to just use my Creative s750 Gigaworks 7.1
    speaker system for 7.1 channel separation.

    To hookup something like this 7.1ch Audio Decoder or any other that some might have used.
    From the FIOS set top box to my S750 speaker setup.


    Here is a link to a word doc on the unit.

    CV-505 rear

    CV-505 front


    I have also seen this product from Octava.

    Night Rider
    Aaron Ledger

    The CV-505 unit appears as though it would work for what you are trying to accomplish. At $400 though, I wonder if you might be better off investing in something a little more standard like an AVR with pre-amp outputs. I recently saw Amazon was selling the Denon AVR3312CI for about $550 though the price is now back up to $750. There are other AVRs though you could take a look at that also have preamp outputs.

    With an AVR, you’ll also have the flexibility to upgrade the speakers in the future and use the power of the AVR to drive them, not to mention all the other functionality offered by the AVR.

    Night Rider

    Thank you Aaron,
    Yes I would have to agree that an decent AVR receiver would be a better option.

    I have a nice $150 gift certificate at,
    But I don’t see any that would fit the bill with preamp outputs,
    without breaking the bank.

    Aaron Ledger

    I did see an Onkyo TX-NR717, but it is currently $820 🙁

    Keep your eyes open for any sales on the Denon AVR3312CI. You may also be able to find a deal locally. This is the time of year retailers sell them out because of the new models. Also, give Electronics Expo a call and ask them for their best price. That’s where I purchased my Denon AVR2112CI from last year.


    Radical suggestion – sell the 7.1 system and get a decent mid-range AVR and speakers.

    Night Rider

    I will have to keep my eyes open for a deal on the AVR3312CI
    Checking around for other AV Receivers that have 7.1 preamp outs. 

    Night Rider

    As my Creative s750 Gigaworks 7.1 set has
    A wired control pod with top-mounted power, volume-down,
    volume-up, select, and upmix buttons.
    Upmix toggles between three modes: off, 5.1 to 7.1, and 6.1 to 7.1

    As my Verizon FIOS HD DVR set top box (Motorola_7232) only outputs 5.1
    I could get an AVR Receiver that uses 5.1 and upmix to 7.1

    My TV is a Samsung PDPTV 51″ Plasma


    Night Rider

    Until I find the Denon AVR3312CI at a decent price,
    I have picked up a used 
    DDTS-100 decoder.

    Details on the DDTS-100 here,review-220.html 

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