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    It doesn’t appear to me that there is a really good solution out there that doesn’t come with some sort of compromise.

    My preference would be to save the files in a loss-less format.

    Has anyone had any luck converting LPs?

    Aaron Ledger

    Wow, I haven’t done this since the late ’90’s. Back then, I hooked up the record player via a receiver’s TAPE outputs into a sound card for recording. Today, you can get record players with USB output if I am not mistaken.


    USB turntables + lose-less recording isn’t bad; you still are going lose a little of the flavor just like with CDs.  I hear laser turntables are really good for backing up/playing older LPs.

    Aaron Ledger

    Hypothetically, you could capture in 24-bit 192 kHz and probably have something that is pretty close to the original vinyl.


    I’m not looking to preserve the vinyl experience I just want something better than MP3.  The problem that I’ve read about USB turntables is that the software leaves much to be desired and is often sub-par.  Using a phono preamp and regular turntable relies on third party software, which isn’t so bad but apparently has a steep learning curve not to mention the cost of all of the gear.

    I was curious if someone in the MR community has messed around with this sort of thing recently.


    Don’t use the software included with USB record players; you’re right most of it is bad.  It’ll act like any sound input device so just use a program like Audacity to record the tracks and you’ll be fine.

    Aaron Ledger

    I second the Audacity recommendation. It is free and it works well from my experience.


    Naturally a USB turntable would be ideal for a variety of reasons so I would have to search for one with decent reviews.  Any suggestions?

    Audacity is what I saw referred to as having a steep learning curve.  I would prefer something intuitive but for the price maybe this would be the best bet?  I suppose that my biggest fear is that I have to manually cue each track and record it so that side one of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon isn’t one big ole track.



    If you already have hardware and just need some kind of input box this seems decent enough.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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