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    Hi all
    [b]I am having trouble getting the Windows IR Blaster to communicate channel-change with the first one of my 2 STBs in MCE.[/b] I just added a 2nd STB connected to my nVidia Dual Tuner and since then I can’t get the IR Blaster to send a signal to the 1st STB anymore. [b]The IR blaster cable 1 won’t fire-up, though it used to work a few moments ago![/b] >:D However, the newly installed 2nd STB receives the IR signal and change channel. I can’t figure out what the problem is. I already went several times through the whole TV Signal Setup and I’ll appreciate if someone could help me with this.

    I tried all remote setup options in MCE but none are working for the 1st STB while all are working for the 2nd STB. Both STBs are identical (Scientific Atlanta 3250).

    Since I was previously using MCE with one STB only, is there maybe something to reset or clear before trying with 2 STBs? I’m lost…:(  Thanks.

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