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    Just got the PS3, and while it is 1080p, Taladega Nights is underwhelming.  I have already seen it, and it just doesn’t seem to offer way more than regular DVD.

    Now, the trailer on the disc is stunning, even from right in front of the tv (18″ or so), especially Mary Jane’s face in the S2 portion of it.  You can really see the difference from standard dvd.

    After I get some hours in with motostorm and whatever I happen to buy I will start renting them and hopefully will have a better experience than with TD.

    Btw, I almost never watch physical dvds, so it will be a big deal for me to walk into a blockbuster and pay money to watch a movie at home.  I haven’t done that in years.

    Oh yeah, the ps3 is quite nice, the gui is almost shocking it is so crisp and pretty or something.  No games yet, only the motorstorm demo, it was a blast.

    I went to gamestop tonight to buy a wii for the sis-in-law, no luck of course, but the guy in front of me returned a 20gb ps3 (unopened) because he wanted a 60 which of course weren’t in stock.  So I jumped at the opportunity and the wife doesn’t even seem to mind.

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