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    I want to get my parents a new media player (streamer) for their living room. The Sony bluray player that I got them a few years ago was never a very good streaming interface and I think is poorly maintained (or isn’t easy for my parents to update).

    I want a solid, simple media player to be used almost entirely for streaming.  Netflix and Amazon are essential, as it something like Pandora. It looks like the new Roku box is exactly what I’m looking for, plus its relatively inexpensive. But, before I jump in and buy it, I thought I’d check in here to find out what you guys think of it. I’m sure some of you have bought these type of things for parents and other loved ones. 




    Aaron Ledger

    My mother-in-law is using a Roku that I set up for her on wi-fi which I also set up for her. She uses it to stream Netflix and I have heard no complaints from her about it since it was installed almost a year ago so everything must be okay 🙂


    I have heard varying reports on ROku on wireless.  Was your Roku streaming on N or G? 

    Aaron Ledger



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    Shortest. Relevant. Post. Ever.  NICE!

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