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      Last spring I was at the Kings hockey game 4 of the playoffs vs the Sharks.  After they had their victory (the turn around that led to them going on to win the Stanley Cup), my friend & I hung around and photo bombed the live news broadcast outside.  I had my media center setup to record the game and post-game news.  I was bummed afterwards that the recording was copy protected flagged and I wasn’t having any luck converting to the video to save (and give a copy to my friend).

      I tried various video converting solutions but they always came out with a green video image and bad audio.  I’d pretty much resigned myself that the only way the video could ever be watched was on the original computer I’d recorded it on.  On a last ditch effort, I recently decided to try some screen casting software meant for streaming games on TwitchTV.  After trying a few programs, I got to work correctly.  Just set it to record to a local file and not to stream it online.

      The few issues and solutions with this software were:

      Couldn’t record full screen: Solution was to window the MCE software and set OBS to record the window only.

      No audio off HDMI capture: installing RealTek drivers and setting audio capture to line out (and MCE to use line out) allowed the sound to record.

      Hopefully this comes in handy for anyone who has a recording stuck on their box that they really want a backup unprotected copy that will play on any system.


        Thanks for the heads up.


          I was surpised how annoying it was to deal with.  Never had to deal with copy flags back when I was using a QAM tuner but I guess that’s the price I pay for upgrading to a cable card setup last year.


            Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve used a HDPVR (with some help to do the same thing :)).


              That’s a good method.  I’d considered looking into hardware work arounds but I really didn’t want to spend money just to get one video file off my setup.  I miss the old days when I could automate conversions and rip commercials out without having to jump through hoops.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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