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    Did you buy a FireTV from Amazon? Let’s discuss it here.. We want to hear about it. Is it worth a review from us?


    Bought it day 1 of the release. So far I am actually really liking it. “If”/”when” Media Center finally dies Fire TV could easily replace Media Center for me.

    I’ve been playing around with Plex a lot lately and the more and more I use plex the more and more I really like it.

    The other thing I really am liking about the Fire TV is the ability to side load other apps like HBO Go.


    Mike Garcen

    @josh – if only we had a writer with one! *HINT HINT*!!! 🙂


    Mine came in Friday, I had the weekend to play with it. I’m a  Plex Pass Member and was looking for a change from my Roku 3’s GUI. The Plex app is based off the Home Theater / Google TV offerings. It works well as a Plex client, lots of additional eye candy. I installed Pandora, TuneIn, Crackle and few others. The Amazon part of the box works great, you click on a video and it’s almost instantly playing. The search feature also works nice, but it only works with Hulu Plus and Amazon’s content. It’s basically a kindle for your TV, I also played with casting from my Motorola Xoom and that worked flawless so you get the added benefit of a Chromecast too. I didn’t try to play anything from my iPad or iPhone yet. I have the Chromecast app installed on both, but didn’t think to try it.

    The downside is the remote not being IR, but to get that mic to work I guess you had to use a digital connection to the device. I noticed that an USB IR and a remote with keys mapped is supposed to work too. I got some of it working, but have yet to program my Harmony touch. I didn’t see an app for just controlling the fire in the app store (yet). I also have an HDPrime and wanted to use the app they developed. I guess for now I’ll use my Roku 3 and the HDHRFling app as the store says it’s incompatible.

    I’ve been fooling around with MythTV and might side load XBMC to use the PVR client. I also read that you can change the Amazon OS if wanted. Run something staraight from Google(TV), you need to use the dev tools provided by Google and a load that up from a PC. Because it’s Android you have options to hack the device.

    It’s a pretty cool toy, 99$ isn’t going to break the bank either. 




    Great reply, thanks JB.. Makes me really think about picking one up..

    Abhijit Paithane

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