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Jeremy Duncan

So back to my post about the mirrors. It showed that the scenes run in cycles, with a cycle consisting of A and it’s varient and everybody is on the same terms and not different. Then there is B and it’s varient, but this is because A and it’s varient brought B into different terms.

I will focus on characters this time to express this more clearly.

A is the link between cycles. Think of A and it’s varient as a rope that is holding a boat on a dock. The rope doesn’t have jingles on it, it doesn’t have colorful strings on it. It doesn’t have teddy bears or candy canes on it – it’s a rope on a boat dock. All the rope does is hold the boat to the dock.

Then somebody unties the boat, and causes a difference in the terms the boat had when it was tied to the dock.
This untying of the boat is A or it’s varient causing a difference that brings B and it’s varient into new terms.
Now where is the rope?

Now the rest of the cycle comes into play and it has teddy bears on the boat, candy canes on the boat, colorful strings on the boat.

So you saw three things: the boat + Rope on the dock, the rope being untied and the boat set loose, and now the boat with all it’s trinkets.

In Salt with Angelina Jolie, Salt was leaving the office and then at the door as she was leaving she was held up.
So the rope and boat is she is with a friend and they are hanging out, then the rope gets untied and this is when they are held up with this russian guy who walks in.
Then Salt talks to the russian and her friends are looking for a rope, but they find a boat at sea with many trinkets and become interested in Salt.
And then Salt shows the opposite of the rope and boat on the dock and all A and it’s varients become seriously interested in Salt.

And this is how it goes, in cycles. Cool