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Jeremy Duncan

Now I will talk about Music.

Music can be used in one of two ways, but it’s either or, not blended.

Music using the examples before is without bias, it speaks to the soul and you feel it: It is the dog whisperer to use a analogy of music.

Now music may have vocals added and here is where it may break into two branches.

Branch one is where the dog whisperer talks the talk of the dog, and the dog knows this and understands it.

Branch two is the music whispers to itself and not the dog.

The difference between the two branches is describable using another dog whisperer analogy.

1.) The dog whisperer whispers to himself, meaning he’s troubled. He see’s the dog and empathizes with himself and not the dog: example is a profanity snapped out as they are in distress: this is branch two.

2.) Branch one is the dog whisperer see’s the dog and instead of reacting, takes a proactive approach to dealing with the dog and not his own insecurities.

The thing is the dog whisperer starts out and the dog feels him, loves him. Then either of the branches happens as a result of this.

So sound that is musical, be it a song, a poetic moment, a epic moment, a tender moment where it’s soothing sound, this is followed by either branch one or branch two where the singer is heard.

Does the singer continue to be branch one and soothe the dog, or does the music become branch two and mutter profanity at the disturbance they witness?

This is how music plays in, for everytime, every single time music is played 100% guarantee it is followed by a fearful dog whisperer muttering to himself or a graceful delivery of speech that reassures the dog.